Tarascan Dancer, Argia tarascana, in Gila Co., AZ: new early flying date for the state

The Tarascan Dancer in Arizona is found at only a couple of sites in Cochise, Gila, and Graham Counties. It had until now not been seen until 6 June. On 11 May 2013 several individuals were observed along the Blue River in Gila Co., thereby extending the known flying season of the species by approximately three weeks. Below are pictures of three males and one female seen that day.

Bleached Skimmer, Libellula composita, in Maricopa Co., AZ: new early flying date for the state

The Bleached Skimmer in Arizona is a scarce species found only at a few locations. A small breeding population was discovered at an alkaline pond (Paloma Ranch) in West Maricopa Co. in April 2012 (new county record). A visit to the pond on 27 April 2013 revealed several individuals, including ovipositing females (pictures below). This record provides a new early flying date for the species in the state.

Cerulean vs Sierra Madre Dancer

In the USA the Sierra Madre, Argia lacrimans, is confined to small rocky streams of three Arizona counties (Cochise, Santa Cruz, and Pima). It is rather similar to other mostly blue Argia species (e.g., Pima and Tarascan Dancers) and even more to the Cerulean Dancer, A. anceps, a Mexican and Central America species that was not discovered in the US until 2012 and has so far been observed in Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties.


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