Multiple Tezpi Dancers, Argia tezpi, at Kearny Lake, Pinal Co., AZ: new species location

The Tezpi Dancer in Arizona is uncommon and found most frequently along mid-elevation rocky streams. It is, however, occasionally seen at bodies of still water.

Three males (photos below) were discovered along the shore of Kearny Lake in Pinal Co. on 22 November 2014. This site represents a new location for the species. In addition, the date (22 Nov.) is the same as when a male was found, also in Pinal Co., in 2008, and is the latest date that the species has ever been recorded in Arizona.


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Thornbush Dasher, Micrathyria hagenii, in Pinal Co., AZ: Second state record and first county record

The Thornbush Dasher is a rare species in Arizona, with only one previous record of several individuals at one location (Pima Co., 2005).

On 1 November 2014 a male of this species was discovered at the Nature Conservancy preserve ponds in Dudleyville, Pinal Co. This observation provides a second state and first county records for the species, as well as the northernmost location where it has been found to date in Arizona.

California Dancer, Argia agrioides, in Yuma Co., AZ: First County record

The California Dancer has a wide distribution throughout Arizona, but had until now never been observed in Yuma County.

On 24 October 2014, during a visit with Richard Bailowitz and Doug Danforth, two males were found along a stream below a small dam close to Laguna Dam, thereby providing a first county record for the species.


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