Bleached Skimmer, Libellula composita, in Maricopa Co., AZ: new county record.

The Bleached Skimmer is known only from a handful of locations in Arizona. On 29 April 2012 Doug Danforth, Richard Bailowitz, and I found 6 individuals, including ovipositing females, at a small alkaline pond on the Paloma Ranch in W. Maricopa Co., AZ. This observation establishes a new county record for the species.

Variable Dancer, Argia fumipennis, in Gila Co., AZ: new early flying date for the state.

The Variable Dancer in Arizona had until now not been found until mid-April (Richard Bailowitz, pers. communication). On 31 March 2012, one male was found at Warm Springs and approximately 10 males were found at nearby Blue River, Gila Co., thereby extending the known flying period of the species in the state by two weeks.

Below are pictures of three individuals seen that day.


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