Black-winged Dragonlet, Erythrodiplax funerea, in Arizona, July 2014: First state record in 60 years!

The Black-winged Dragonlet is common in Western Mexico but quite rare in the US, with a handful of records only from Texas and Arizona (Paulson 2009), where the species was last seen in 1953. 

On 29 July 2014 Rich Bailowitz discovered several males at the Arivaca Cienega (Arivaca, Pima Co., AZ). Six males were re-located at the same location the next day, when several of them were photographed – see pictures below.

Narrow-striped Forceptail, Aphylla protracta, in Pinal Co., AZ: First county and fourth state record

The Narrow-striped Forceptail in Arizona is a rare species with only three previous records, all from Cochise County.

In mid-July 2014 Rich Bailowitz found 12 individuals at a private pond near Mammoth, Pinal Co., thereby providing a new county record and a fourth state record for this species. In addition, this number of individuals at a single location at a time was unprecedented.

Ten individuals (9 M; 1 F) were (re)located at the pond on 25 July 2014, during a visit with Rich, Doug Danforth, and Jim Burns. Some of these individuals are shown below.

Checkered Setwing, Dythemis fugax, at Papago Park, Phoenix, Maricopa Co.

The Checkered Setwing was found for the first time in Maricopa Co. in 2013 and until now, was not known to occur at any other county location.


An individual of this species was tentatively identified by D. Elefante at Papago Park (Phoenix, Maricopa Co.) in mid-July 2014. The (presumably same) individual was relocated at the same site on 21 July, providing the second record for this species in Maricopa Co. and the first for the Phoenix Metro area.


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