Great Pondhawk, Erythemis vesiculosa, and Striped Saddlebags, Tramea calverti, at Rio Salado, Maricopa

The Great Pondhawk, Erythemis vesiculosa is rather commonly encountered in Northern Mexico, but in the US is largely limited to Texas and Oklahoma (Paulson 2009). Only a handful of individuals have ever been observed in Arizona and the status of the species in the state is unclear. On 12 June 2010 I observed a male Great Pondhawk along one of the artificial ponds of the Rio Salado Wetland Restoration Project in Phoenix, Maricopa. This individual was well observed and photographed before flying off – and was then not relocated either that day or on June 15.

Unusual Aztec Dancer, Argia nahuana, phenotype at Bog Tank, Apache

The Aztec Dancer, Argia nahuana is a common species in many regions of Arizona. In males, the abdominal segment 6 (S6) is normally blue with a black posterior ring and S7 is mostly black (Paulson, 2009). In June 2009, however, one male with unusual coloration was observed and photographed at Bog Tank, Apache. This individual showed extensive black coloration ventrally on S6 and black coloration on S7 that was for the most part limited to the ventral aspect of this segment (see Aztec Dancer page).


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