Feedback from Users

Below is select feedback we've received from our visitors thoughout the years.

"I just wanted to express my admiration for the quality of photos and ease of use of this site for a mid-level user.  I think you have the best photo site for southwestern odes I have encountered to date and urge you to keep up the good work." - from anonymous

"I have recently found your site and am blown away with the completeness of information and quality of photography. I complement you on all the research, collecting and organization of the material... Again, you have done a great job with your dragonfly website!" - from anonymous

"Once again, I am in awe at the terrific images on your site. What a pleasure to peruse!" - from Laurie Nessel

"I have always been mesmerized by dragonflies but now must admit to being completely blown away! I truly had no idea that we had such a wonderful variety of these beautiful creatures in Arizona... I LOVE this site! Thank you for this wonderful resource!" - from Denise Traver

"I use your site as a means of Identifing the different species that I encounter. I have searched the internet long and hard for good pictures and info about these amazing little insects and your site is the best I have found so far." - from Michael Owens

"I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your fantastic website!  It was very helpful in identifying some of the dragonflies I photographed on a recent backpacking trip in Aravaipa Canyon.  I appreciate the extensive effort you have obviously put in to making this resource available to others." - from Brian Jones

"An extraordinary compilation of ode photos, perhaps the best I've ever seen." - Bill Burley

"Great collection. I live in San Luis Potosi, Mexico and it is very similar to Arizona. I'll be able to ID most of my spottings." - from Luis Stevens

"Outstanding photography.  I thought I was getting good until I saw these and realized I have a ways to go.... As is your site is the most user friendly and helpful I have found in 20 states." - Norm Barrett

"[I] take photographs of the plants and animals of Cochise County, Great site, just what I needed to help identify the Dragonflies in my photos, books are good but this site is Great.  thank you thank you" - from Bob Herrmann

"This is a most useful site that indeed helps in the identification of AZ Dragonflies. Most of the field guides fall short due to the small size and oftentimes the pictures are too dark or not sharp. Not here these are well focused and extremely useful images. Thanks" - from Robert Parks

"Your site provided me with the visual data I needed to identify the Swift Setwing (Dythemis Velox) that I had been photographing the past week in Cooper Creek, which is one of three creeks that run west to east across the city of Denton, Texas, where we live. I've taken loads of great images of this particular dragonfly, male and female (and immature males), and the mystery is solved. Had visited multipe wonderful Odonata sites here in Texas and elsewhere but despite this their sites had not helped me put one and one together until I saw the multiple images and captions your site provided for this particular species. In any case, your work is much appreciated.  Muy bien hecho!" - from Roberto R. Calderon

"Your site is a collection of amazing photographs and lots of usable information, with the short-cut right there on my desk-top for quick consultation :)! Thanks for all the time and effort you've put into this: it's appreciated :)!" - from Marceline VandeWater

"I don't live in AZ but I will be sure to refer to your page if and when I get down that way to go dragonflying. This is a wonderful site and full of useful information. Your photographs are beautiful and helpful in being able make identifications." - from Lisa

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