About the Site

Arizona Dragonflies

Arizona Dragonflies was started in 2010 to help foster enthusiasm and interest in odonates. We hope that it provides a relatively straightforward approach to species comparison, and also serve as a guide for where in Arizona various odonate species might be found.

The site continues to be developed and maintained by Pierre Deviche (content and photography) and Sabine Deviche (web development and illustration).

Special Thanks

We thank especially Richard Bailowitz, Doug Danforth, and Dennis Paulson for their comments on an early version of the site.

Thanks also so Kathy Biggs for allowing Arizona Dragonflies to use her odonate range maps on our Species pages.

... and to Ann Cooper for writing the content of Arizona Dragonflies' Frequently Asked Questions page.

... and last but not least, to Rebecca Elaine Ryan and Wayne Turner for their help meticulously moving content to the new version of the site during the most recent upgrade.

We sincerely appreciate it!