Kiowa Dancer, Argia immunda, at Papago Park (Phoenix, Maricopa Co.)

November 6, 2013
Species: Kiowa Dancer
Location: Papago Park

he Kiowa Dancer in Arizona is a relatively common, but locally distributed species along rocky streams in multiple counties.

In the past few years the species has been observed several times at the Wild Horse Pass just South of Phoenix, but until now there was a single record within the Phoenix metropolitan area (R. Witzeman; Salt River, April 2010). A male was found on 6 November 2013 along a small artificial stream at the Phoenix Papago Park, thereby providing a second record for the Phoenix metropolitan area.

  • News: Kiowa Dancer, <em>Argia immunda</em>, at Papago Park (Phoenix, Maricopa Co.)
    Kiowa Dancer, Male, Papago Park, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ, 6 November 2013

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