Bleached Skimmer, Libellula composita, in Maricopa Co., AZ: new county record.

April 29, 2012
Species: Bleached Skimmer

The Bleached Skimmer is known only from a handful of locations in Arizona. On 29 April 2012 Doug Danforth, Richard Bailowitz, and I found 6 individuals, including ovipositing females, at a small alkaline pond on the Paloma Ranch in W. Maricopa Co., AZ. This observation establishes a new county record for the species.

  • News: Bleached Skimmer, <em>Libellula composita</em>, in Maricopa Co., AZ: new county record.
    Bleached Skimmer, Male, Paloma Ranch, Maricopa, AZ, 29 April 2012.

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