Antillean Saddlebags, Tramea insularis, at Kearny L., Pinal

June 13, 2010
Location: Kearny Lake

In early June James Walker of Seattle, WA, emailed me pictures of male Antillean Saddlebags, Tramea insularistaken on 31 May 2010 at Kearny L., Pinal. This species in the US is normally restricted to a small region of southwest Texas and the southern tip of Florida (Paulson, 2009), but in recent years has been reported also from a couple of Arizona locations including Kearny L. Observations in Arizona have generally been limited to late summer and fall until October. As a follow-up to James’ observations, I visited Kearny L. on 13 June 2010 and observed several males Antillean Saddlebags flying and characteristically perched in evidence at the edge of the pond.

Intriguingly and as in fall 2009, only males were observed. It will be of interest to determine whether the species continues at Kearny L. and is present at other Arizona sites during the rest of the summer and into the fall.

  • News: Antillean Saddlebags, <em>Tramea insularis</em>, at Kearny L., Pinal
    Antillean Saddlebags, Male, Kearny Lake, Pinal, AZ, 13 June 2010

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